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How to Blog Like You Love It

how to blog like you love it

Blogging is just writing.

But it’s also NOT just writing…

If you like to write, then it’s not hard to figure out how to blog like you love it.

The great thing is that there is no printing, no manual distribution.

You just type it out and let it go.

Any subject is kosher for blogging.

The biggest thing here, or should we say cardinal rule, is that you can’t just blog on anything. Sure, you can have a general interest blog if you have an audience already, or take time out to make the odd post for your established readers so to hell with staying on niche topic, but generally speaking you need to decide what niche topic your blog will be about and cater all of your writing to serving that interest niche, in some identifiable way.

But… you have some wiggle room, here.

For example, and I do this a lot. Actually, I have to do it or I would have run out of topics a long time ago, and I can still hit trending topics this way.

What, you say?

Two of my blogs are about marketing, and I also serve up SEO and other “techie” blogging topics which closely related to starting or running a blog. You can say that “marketing blog” is my niche for these blogs. Mostly marketing and affiliate marketing, but SEO and techie blog topics are like, hand in hand with that anyway.

What do I do if I can’t think of what to write or I want to cater to more general interest or current events buzz?

You segue.

It’s easy.

Like this…

Just take a topic of current events that has all that buzz, and parallel it with your niche.

Like if such a such a celebrity in the news did it THIS way then they would be [marketing hyperbole here] sort of thing.

Get it?

It opens doors to creativity and many more topics.

Actually I have gotten away from that and am going back with a vengeance after editing and updating my other blog which used that tactic liberally.

Another gateway to learn how to blog like you love it is to make use of PLR content, and I do NOT mean to go out and buy PLR and just copy and paste it.

Use it as inspiration.

You’ll NEVER run out of topics with the thousands of articles you can buy cheaply.

Just make sure to rewrite them or use their topics as blogging fuel.

How great is it to sit down with a coffee (or other beverage) and your laptop and just write away?

It doesn’t take much to blog like you love it when it’s just a coffee shop away, or a quiet room away.

Distractions are tough to deal with when you have a family, though.

Take it from me.

So I get creative and use the WordPress mobile app and other means to get my blog posts out and published one way or the other.

I even blog at lunch when I am working.

Where there is a will there is a way to demonstrate how to blog like you love it for all to see.

My blogs are my testament to my commitment to make writing my future.

I have always been a fan of words to paper, and this is just the natural extension of that.

So here is a good list to get started.

  1. Start a blog
  2. Get ideas (see above)
  3. Do keyword research to fit ideas with popular internet search terms
  4. Actually blog – write – get it DONE – tailor post for on page SEO
  5. Promote your blog posts
  6. Rinse and repeat

Of course the rest is just passion about doing something that you love, for you and for humanity as a whole.

If you’re a food blogger, it’s to spread the word about great food and/or beverages.

If you’re an affiliate marketing blogger, it’s to let people know that there are other ways of generating income for their families, and not having to totally rely on a job as a single income stream.

If it’s [insert niche here] it’s to help people [insert mission statement for chosen niche]…

Got it?

I hope so, because at the end of the day we are people serving people and in so doing we elevate ourselves and hopefully humanity as a whole by taking an active role in the creative process.

Learning how to blog like you love it was easy for me.

I hope that it proves easy for you as well.

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