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How Not to Market Your Network Marketing Gig Online

how not to market your network marketing gig online

You know the old saying.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to promote your network marketing or direct sales opportunity online, and if you couldn’t have guessed, 99% of people are doing it WRONG.

Do you all really think that you are doing it right by spamming your links, spamming other people’s social media posts, and disrespectfully tagging other people in order to get your posts in front of as many people who are going to ignore it as possible?

That’s right, most people will ignore it.

The more pathetic and desperate you get, the more it will be ignored.

That;s the sad fact.

99% of these online network marketing people are doing it wrong.

They’re mostly all broke and not making ANY money.

It’s sad… but true.

The other day one of my FaceBook marketing friends was lamenting this exact same thing.

It’s partially what gave me the idea to write about it in more detail.

If you have been into online marketing or online network marketing for any length of time, then you must have other marketers in your friends list, and usually when you first connect with them it goes something like this.

They message you.  I was gonna write “massage”, because it’s almost like a wordsy massage of sorts. If they could pat your butt at the same time they would.

It goes like this, “Hey [so and so], I was looking at your profile [no they weren’t], and you look like a pretty sharp (guy/gal), and I was wondering if you’d like to check out my business/program/opportunity. I’m very successful with it [no they’re not] and am looking for some sharp people like you [more flattery] to build my team [be my first recruit]. How about it?”

When you ask them how are they doing with the program, the answer is always positive and things couldn’t be better, but 9 times out of ten they’re just reading from a script that someone else wrote and they are not making any money, have no team, and are acting out of total desperation because they have NO CLUE about the various aspects of marketing online.

They’re just reading from a script and like a lottery player, going for the numbers game and hoping for the best.

Okay that’s the rank newbie.  Been there, done that. (we all have)

Sometimes when you question some of these people, they are persistent and annoying to the point that you have to block them.  Many times if you don’t buy their stuff, they are gone soon after, unfriending you since you’re not a ripe prospect. (Hey, what happened to me being sharp and you wanting to connect with me?)

Sometimes they are cool and back off immediately, and then you get the aggressive jerky types who will insult you and if they know what you are promoting they’ll actually try to convince you that your program is bad or even that they were in it and it “doesn’t work”. The problem isn’t the program, it’s them, but they still have to learn that.

I even had a guy call me names when I said I wasn’t interested in his opportunity. Yeah, he called me a nasty name. Can  you believe THAT?

Now let’s go to the coaches.

There are lots of great coaches out there who understand it because they paid their dues, but there are many people who are trying to act like one, again, because they read somewhere that that’s where the money is at.

So, they litter social media with a zillion duplicate accounts all acting like they are the coach for whatever network marketing gig, and they’re really just funneling you into their own opportunity.

Hey, it can work, but does that REALLY promote good feelings when someone realizes what you’re doing? The fist time I saw this I was like, “Really? They’re REALLY doing this crap?”

Do they  really have the time to monitor and stoke all of those social media profiles, or do they just outsource that work? Either way, it’s fake and it’s kind of, crappy. All you coaches doing that, STOP IT!

Some of you are actually successful marketers, but when I see you doing that it makes me MUCH less likely to every want to do business with or partner with you.

Stop tricking people.

The small time guru is another type. This person is actually making real money online and they show lots of social proof. They claim lots of team duplication but in reality they do lose more people than they gain, and the ones that they gain and create duplication with is really a very small percentage of all whom they introduce to the business.

They claim that “their social media system” really works, but it only works for a subset of people who put it into practice because not everyone is cut out for social media marketing. You can have two people and give them the EXACT same social media blueprint with the SAME local guru coach or sponsor and guess what? One will make money and the other will fail at that system.  It’s human nature and nature proves that every human is slightly different.

You should be evaluating the company, products, program, and the marketing method to see if it’s compatible with YOU and YOUR nature. Just because the small time guru posts all of this money they are making DOES NOT MEAN that you will be as successful as them. All of the social proof in the world means NOTHING if that technique doesn’t work for you. People have different friends lists and actually people have different auras about them, and they attract different results. There is no one size fits all.

So who do we have to go over here?…


Then  you get the Instagram whores.

That’s it.

Well, there’s the marketing whores I am talking about and then the real whores.

I am here referring to the network marketing whores not the hookers and showgirls that litter Instagram.

How many of these people really have a profile with like, 6 pictures, and then they have over six thousand followers.


C’mon folks.

It’s obvious you’re buying followers and it just makes you look as phony as you are.

Then there are those who follow you and you get barraged with salesy spammy comments on many of your photos trying to get your followers to go to their offer.

Again, broke desperate newbies who need to get a life.

I block their azzes, FAST.

This brings me to the FaceBook group posters.

Look, we all post in FaceBook groups.

It’s quick and easy, and like everyone, I like to play the lottery once in awhile too.

I usually don’t post affiliate links.  I send people to content.

What gets me is that while I know what I am dealing with there…

the low interaction,

the low response and click through rates,

the apathetic atmosphere,

the cheapskates and freebie seekers,

the lottery mentality of most everyone there…

It amazes me that many of the people doing it who are, let’s face it, making ZERO money online and spending money doing this, not to mention wasting their valuable time, are under the illusion that it actually works.




Again, when I do it, most of the time I am sending people to content like this in order to engage them and let them know what I am about and that I know what I am writing about.

I don’t care that it’s low engagement and follow through because I am not interested in getting some broke third world lottery mentality person who is only interested in free stuff to my offers that they can’t afford anyway. They wouldn’t understand the high quality training anyway.

I would MUCH rather get the person who speaks and understands this stuff to click and follow through and I really only want the people who will read the content, understand the content, and want to forge a relationship or maybe consume future content that I put out.

So you see, I am not in the 99% of FaceBook group posters who are using auto posting software in order to get that on person in a million (literally) who might spend the startup fee on their product or service (only to quit later).

I’ll get into how you actually should go about getting real leads and prospects in another article, so keep reading this blog, or miss out.

Your choice.

If you are going to be a top producer in the network marketing or internet marketing field, then you have to learn some essentials. If you aren’t willing to learn then just hang it up now and save yourself the trouble later.

You need to turn out real content and engage people.

You have to let them know who you are, that you’re real, that you are hungry just like they are, and that you know how they can start to become what they need to in order to get a slice of that awesome golden pie at the end of the rainbow.

You do this with automated tools that do the heavy lifting for you, and just send internet traffic to that. THAT is THE formula.

This is a dues payin sector, and if you don’t pay your dues and learn the ropes, you’ll never amount to anything in this business.

I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear.

I’m going to tell you the way it really is.

Don’t be a marketing weenie.

Reality check, complete for now.

Until we meet again…



P.S. – If you want to know how those of us who actually get paid online use the power of the internet to get leads and sales, more than we know what to do with, then you owe it to yourself to at least learn about the plan that works. Yes, it’s a plan, that anyone can follow.  This is not rocket science and it’s not sorcery.  It’s just a numbers game and anyone can do it. No direct selling and no bothering family and friends ever again.



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