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How I’m Growing My TrafficMonsoon Business

trafficmonsoon business

Their Trafficmonsoon business was one of the best opportunities out there today for many people.

I am updating this article to say WAS because of action the SEC took against it, even though the majority of site members were more than happy with it and most of those members are outside the US anyway.

It’s a real pain updating sales funnels and then blog posts to make readers aware of these things and not to leave a blog all stale and out of date. So, where I can I update these posts or place an update blurb on them in order to keep everyone up to date and to minimize confusion.

So, we updated our funnels to use other revshares and tied them in with the same core businesses that work and pay affiliates WELL.

In this business you have to be flexible in order to succeed, so welcome to the industry!

So, please take the writing about the Trafficmonsoon business below as a historical record of sorts.


You NEED to be involved.

But what is this, Tom, you say? You might say, but Tom, you’re promoting all of these different businesses saying that they are all so great?

Yes, I am.

It’s called multiple income streams.

Don’t you want several paychecks from different sources coming in all the time?

I do.


Get Trafficmonsoon Business Now

So yes, I promote Trafficmonsoon business  as an actual income producing business as well as a traffic source, and as the engine that can pay for your other online necessities like paid advertising clicks and affiliate related monthly fees.

Why go out of pocket on that stuff when Trafficmonsoon business can do it all for you?

Get over to Trafficmonsoon, create a FREE account, and start clicking. If you have some scratch lying around to get some ad packs to get the ball rolling DO IT. You’ll get all of that money back and more, so it’s no risk. (get a Payza payment processor account here)

Here are quick snapshots of my account on a given day.

trafficmonsoon ad packs

That is money that I use for other online business necessities. It pays my way.

Of course our Trafficmonsoon business has a great affiliate plan too, and when you amass a team under you, you have another way to earn with Trafficmonsoon, so even if you are flat broke, you can get this paying you by getting others to join.  It’s just more of an incentive to promote it as a business.

Recently, Paypal did 2 things.  They blessed Traffic Monsoon as a legitimate business entity, and as of the original writing of this article it had over $11 million of reserves.

Then, they did an about face and due to the MASSIVE growth of Traffic Monsoon in such a short time, Paypal decided to freeze their assets, which caused problems paying out revenue sharing to the members.  This caused a certain percentage of the “old wash women” gossipers amongst the membership, and some non members who like to take pot shots, to defame  the Trafficmonsoon business, and the owner, Charles Scoville.

Did Trafficmonsoon cave in and decide to throw in the towel and let Paypal call the shots?

No way!

They decided to eventually pull Paypal as a payment processor and instead leave Payza and Solid Trust Pay as their sole payment processors whom customers can use to buy advertising services.

They then put all of the active ad packs that were purchased with Paypal funds into a pending status, which are temporarily frozen until Paypal releases them. They will neither earn revenue payments or mature while in pending status. Once the funds are released they will go back to active and into the pool of active ad packs.

The Trafficmonsoon business has also announced plans to open their own bank headquartered in the middle eastern financial and tourist hub of Dubai, in the U.A.E.  They will have their own native payment processor and members are supposed to get their own Trafficmonsoon debit cards with which they can access their earnings.

Another announcement by Charles Scoville mentioned that if Traffic Monsoon can build up enough reserves to cover the amounts temporarily frozen by Paypal, they can then move the pending ad packs to active without having to wait for Paypal to come clean.

Trafficmonsoon has also retained some high power legal representation which are pursuing Paypal in this matter, and it is believed that Paypal’s actions are bordering on illegal seizure of funds.

So, Trafficmonsoon business is very powerful and their earnings are bouncing back at an astonishing rate.

It’s very stable and plans to stick around. (The government seems to have other ideas)



You promote your businesses online with a great monetized blog that can’t be beat for being stable and having a tech team behind the scenes to handle all of the internet IT work so you don’t have to.  Administering your own WordPress blogs is time consuming. Trust me.  I know. I have several WordPress self hosted blogs and frankly, they are a HEADACHE to administer and harden against online attacks. Do yourself a favor and get blogging and start building your online business headquarters with this rock solid WordPress based blogging platform.


Get Power Lead System Now

The Power Lead System is a great marketing system that you can use to build custom sales funnels and have people entering your business with ease. You really need a system like this and you can get in for so little.

While most online businesses have their own lead capture sites, every other affiliate uses the same sites and it gets saturated quickly. By being unique and creating your own, you stand out and don’t look like some amateur marketer.


Have a Traffic Plan to Promote

You can wrap all of this up into a traffic plan that will allow people to duplicate with ease and start marketing without having to go completely out of pocket. By using a system that becomes self funding and ties all of the businesses together you create a marketing machine that literally runs itself and gets your businesses in front of so many people that you end up in a situation where you have so many leads and signups that you don’t know what to do with them. It’s a plan that must be followed, so if you can follow instructions, you can finally be successful online.

There you have it. I have provided the businesses that when combined together will create a marketing machine that runs nearly on autopilot and will have you running your own internet business whether you have a regular job or not.

Just imagine the passive income that you can create this way.

It’s a real thing.

This really exists.

You just have to work it.

Note: While Traffic Monsoon is fighting it out in the US Courts, for the right to sell ads and reward loyal customers, Traffic Hurricane has stepped in with a pretty similar approach, and is growing like wildfire. So is Future Ad Pro, which has taken a professional approach. You can reach this advertising audience by signing up here.

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