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Hong Kong Guy Busted with 94 iPhones Taped to Body

Some guy in Hong Kong got busted with 94 iPhones taped to his body. I can think of many other offenses I’d rather be on my way to a Chinese gulag for committing.

Maybe it would involve a massage parlor escapade or something.

iPhones? 94. Taped to your body?


Did this guy really think he’d get away with it?

I read that he was walking like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz as they came loose. That’s how security noticed him.

The worst thing for this poor git is that he’s facing a possible 7 year prison sentence and $2 million fine for smuggling.

I guess those iPhones are just too sexy and there is a pent up demand in China for them. You’d think that the Chinese would just have fully working knockoff iPhones and wouldn’t need the real thing. With the state of intellectual property offenses that are State blessed in China, this actually surprises me. The Chinese disdain for intellectual property expands all the way to Chinatown in NYC where right over on Canal Street you can find all manner of counterfeit hand bags, sunglasses, watches, and God knows what else. Then again, maybe the New York City Hall could care less too since they allow that to go on unchallenged. I can’t tell you all the times I walk down Canal street in NYC and have little old Chinese ladies or what look like Haitian immigrants “fast talk” to me as I walk by, “Watches, Rolex!”, “Rolex Rolex Rolex ROLEX!”, or “Fendi… Louis Vuitton!”  I’ve even seen police vans parked on the street within a few steps of where the illegal business is being conducted between these merchants and tourists.

Maybe someone should send some more Android devices into China…

The stupid things people do for money.

Too bad the iPhone smuggler didn’t opt for a real job or going into a legitimate legal business. A guy with balls that big would make a great internet or network marketer. Imagine the number of people a guy with a sack like that could recruit inside your business? Maybe though, he lacks too much common sense to be an asset… I mean, taping all those phones and thinking he’d stroll by security unchallenged.

This stuff is just too funny, and you can’t make it up, so I thought I would comment on it.

It always helps to add such fun material to your blog. (like I’m doing)  You have a better rounded blog that way.

Get it?


Now, ditch the silly iPhone and get an Android device.

Better yet, find something intelligent to make money with. I don’t mean a job. I mean a business. Franchising was yesterday’s answer, and internet and network marketing is today’s answer.

You can do this with blogging by plugging into a system that is monetized and ready to go.

Just create great, funny, or engaging content that acts like a magnet for internet search results.

It’s what I do, and so can you. Look around my blog for more about that. You’ll find it.

Whatever you do, just don’t tape a huge number of smuggled goods under your clothes and try smuggling them into China.

It might ruin your next decade.

You’ll thank me later.


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