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Google Play Store vs Apple Apps Store – Android Kicks Apple’s Butt Again


This is a follow up article to my one about why I prefer Android over iPhone.

Not only is Google beating Apple in mobile phone market share, but they’ve pulled ahead in the number of mobile apps in their app store, the Google Play Store, 1.43 million vs 1.21 million. It seems there are 400,000 Android developers and 280,000 iOS developers. More developers mean more apps. Look for that many more developers on Android to widen the gap exponentially in the future.

The general consensus in the comments is that there are a lot of junk apps in the markets and Android has its share of junk apps, maybe more. That being said, it’s growing faster and has more developers behind it, and that’s my point.

Look, Android is just a more easily customized and freer environment to operate in. After playing with an iPhone here and there, and handling my wife’s iPhone 6 Plus, I really cannot for the life of me understand why so many people are so in love with that platform. It’s clunky and just doesn’t flow very well. The icons all over the home screen annoy me to no end.

It… sucks.

My wife loves it though.

This is my impression. People who are less capable with computers prefer iPhone. That’s not to say that everyone who love it are technophobes and newbies. Obviously there are developers who like it and they write apps for it. I have met my share of regular software developers who prefer Apple’s environments, whether on Mac Books (MacOS) or mobile devices (iOS).

Hey, I usually just razz the developers, asking why they prefer such a sissy platform to use.

That usually gets some fire up.

Hey, it’s all in fun.

Use whatever you want, even if it’s a half-baked unfinished hot mess like iOS.

It’s definitely got its fans and I recognize that, even if I find many of them silly little self-absorbed gadget addicted “cosmopolitanites”. [sic] (Remember, I contract in New York City)

All I know is that when I got a hold of my wife’s iPhone 6 Plus to see what all the fuss was about, I was utterly frustrated and disgusted to see the lack of useful apps that I am used to on Android. I don’t know if the App Store is just that poorly organized, or the apps are somehow locked down for useful features. Looking for an app that easily downloads mp3’s without DRM was impossible. Everything wanted to stream or do something stupid rather than just letting me hit the internet searching for an mp3 to download quickly, like I can quickly to on Android.

That alone left me disgusted beyond repair.

I’m sure there are some decent apps on iPhone, but there’s just no point in continuing the search since I am on Android. I would love to have a handset that I can use to write a more balanced article, but hey, who does that? Maybe the Cnet reviewer who gets courtesy phones from their sugar daddy employer…

Tell me why your iPhone is so frikkin sexy in the comments below. You get extra points for being sassy and removed for being nasty. So, play nice.

Maybe we can get some Android-iPhone détente started.

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