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Getting Rick Rolled Into the Dream of Making Money Online

There’s a lot that online income bloggers and marketers, network marketers, and anyone committed to this “lifestyle” can take out of that old popular Rick Astley song.

You know the old joke, they start off with some video of something and somewhere along the line they throw in the clip of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” and everyone has a laugh because those watching it and getting surprised were “Rick Rolled”, as they call it.

It’s great fun.

So, I’m Rick Rolling you with this post, and then I got to thinking, there’s a lot to learn from the lyrics of that song for anyone who is committed to anything.  Of course in the song he’s talking about being committed to a significant other, singing out how he’ll be te perfect mate to that special someone to whom he’s singing to, but that could just as well be an ode to a lifestyle too.

Let’s go through the key parts here.  It should be fun.

First, here is the song so you know all about it.  This was a big hit way back when, but some of you younger folk might not get it without hearing it.



So, Rick Astley is Never gonna:

A) Give You Up

You never want to give up on this lifestyle, because it’s fun and the potential payoff is so huge that you’d never forgive yourself if you do.  After all, what are you going to do?  Go back to totally relying on the soul sucking existence of waiting for that fixed amount paycheck to come in every week or two?  I mean, you just budget and live paycheck to paycheck with no hope of ever really getting on up that social ladder that only more money can provide.  You go back to not being able to afford things that you see in the store and having to save up for things because you never seem to have enough cash on hand.  That’s what giving up on this lifestyle GUARANTEES you.  So, think about THAT when you decide to bitch and moan that no one can gurantee you a certain level of success.  MAKE that success.  Keep at it and never give up.

Ask yourself, “What would Rick Astley do?”

Surely , he’d never give up.

B) Let You Down

If you give up on this, then you let down your dream.  You let down yourself and whether they realize ir or not, or support you or not, you let down your family and anyone who depends on you since sticking with it and creating some measure of success is what you need to do in order to provide THEM with all of the things that you want to and that they deserve.

C) Run Around and Desert You

We all know what Rick means here, but I’ll just pair it up to you running around and chasing every shiny new object.  You know what I mean.  Running around with “marketer’s A.D.D. and chasing this program and that program because someone on your Facebook is posting pictures of some fake monopoly money saying how you can make that in a day and all of that stuff.  Well, maybe they are right, but you would most likely have to stick with that or anything else to turn a profit, and running around and deserting your last program to chase possible riches with a next and then following that losing pattern is probably almost as bad as just giving up altogether.

D) Make You Cry

Okay well it’s getting harder to pair these mushy song lyrics to a business equal, but you will cry if you do that stuff I just wrote about.  Of course we all feel like crying when we don’t have enough money to pay the bills or afford the nice things that we see that others have or that we want.  When we want to give those we love all that they deserve and we can’t because we’re broke or living paycheck to paycheck, it’s heartbreaking and should cause you to just buckle down and work harder.  Work your ass off to succeed and just keep doing what you need to do to succeed, whether that’s selling more of what you sell, increasing your marketing or PPC, or creating killer blog content that ranks in Google’s organic search results and pulls in loads of free internet traffic and converts a portion to leads for your business.  Don’t sit there and give up and cry like a baby.

E) Say Goodbye

This is pretty much a repeat of Give You Up, because saying goodbye to your business and your dream of living the internet lifestyle, or the blogger life, is tantamount to damning yourself to a humdrum existence of working a regular job and trading time for money on a one to one basis that makes few people rich and leads to a crappy retirement and probably having to eat cat food when you are in your golden years.  Too many people know this at their very core and just ignore it because they feel powerless to change what they see as the inevitable.  Don’t resign yourself to just getting by and HOPING that things eventually work out.  Hey, even if you aren’t as successful as you had hoped, at least you can say that you really tried.  I’d rather try and not make it as good as I had hoped than never try and feel like a lazy loser who never took any action towards a better future.

F) Tell a Lie and Hurt You

Keep telling yourself the lie that others perpetuate, that you’ll never make it in this biz, that everything is a scam and a pyramid scheme, that the only way to make it is with a regular job… or the opposite that you can get rich quick or overnight by doing very little or no work, or that you can just write a few small blog posts and then magically the life changing lead producing traffic will come just because you (barely) built it.  These are lies and if you give in to the lies then you will never get anywhere.  This is a real business and there are lots of real people who are quietly building empires in their spare time.  Most of them (the real ones) will tell you that it most certainly takes work, but it’s not the same as digging ditches or waiting tables, so take a break there from the exaggerations, drama queens.  Now is the best time in history for people to get into businesses that can be run virtually and many use information as the goods that are traded, so get with the program, learn, and invest in yourself in order to succeed and prosper.

So, you see, there IS a lot that you can learn from an old Rick Astley pop hit, and I Rick Rolled you all into thinking about how you are going to suck it up and continue in this business, creating success and marching into that future that will be DOMINATED by the internet lifestyle that we all think is so sexy and alluring.

It’s been great blogging to you, so now, get to work!





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