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Getting Internet Buyer Traffic for Free (or as close to it as you’re going to get)

As any internet marketer or network marketer knows, the number of new people DAILY (or on a regular basis) that you get to see your business offers, the better your business does.

Without new people seeing your business opportunity ALL OF THE TIME, the opportunity for you dies a little more every day.

At the very least it drains your funds as you struggle to pay your monthly fees and operating costs like internet domains, web hosting, autoresponder, affiliate fees, … you get the drift.

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, that should give you the chills a little, and I mean the bad kind, like when you catch the flu.

What you need is a way to generate some cash flow that can eventually pay these bills so you don’t have to go out of pocket.

It is possible, and it has been done.

It takes some out of pocket in the beginning but if you follow it you will be free and clear in less than a year. A few months of this and you can accelerate it.

Read this for some more explanation:

This is a strategy I got from Rob Fraser and it’s called the broke mans approach, or the broke man’s plan. Basically this will help you to get to 10 revenue sharing ad packs on a revenue sharing online ad site – and here’s the kicker – and from there on you’ll be able to repurchase an ad pack every five days without spending a dime from your pocket.

NOTE: This works with the current earning trends, that is $1 daily for each active pack you have

Broke Man’s Approach

Purchase one pack for $50 from your pocket.
Stay qualified in the revenue share by surfing 10 ads daily.
After 7 days(week) you’ll have $7 in your account.
Use that $7 plus $43 from you pocket to purchase the second pack.
Now you’ll have 2 packs earning $2 daily which will add up to $14 after 7 days.
Use that $14 plus $36 from you pocket to purchase a third pack.
Repeat the process until you are up to 10 packs where you can purchase a pack every 5 days.

It’s slower but you’ll definitely get there. Even after hitting 10 packs, You can keep using external funds whenever you can until you are able to purchase a pack daily out of ( join Traffic Monsoon for free ) earnings alone.

After you hit 50 packs, you’ll start experiencing fast growth.
This really works, if you follow the plan. It takes patience to do it the poor man’s way, but it works.

I’m on my way, and I have already earned way more than I put in, so I am proving here that this is a legitimate program that you can use to finance your online business and go “not out of pocket”.

trafficmonsoon earnings


Some progress to show:

trafficmonsoon ad packs

If you have the startup funds, you can accelerate it by simply buying more packs more frequently.

I know that this site pays because I use it and I am using sharing revenue to offset ad pack purchases until they become free and completely able to be purchased with no out of pocket expense.

That’s not all.

The plan lays out how this site and it’s payments will become your advertising budget engine that you will use to buy higher quality traffic from much better sources, and then you direct that traffic to your more lucrative higher paying offers.

You need the plan, and you can get the plan HERE.

So that about wraps it up. (oh, get a Payza account here – the payment processor makes it easier to do business with Trafficmonsoon)

You can be a broke man following a plan to become a rich man (or woman), or you can be broke forever, looking for that magic bullet that doesn’t exist.

This is a plan, and it’s a plan that works, if you work it.

The best thing is that no matter which version of the plan you get, you are assured success IF you follow it to the letter.

Consider it kind of like a gift.


P.S. – Open a free PAYZA account to make getting Ad Packs easier. It’s like Paypal.


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