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Get Paid to Blog with this Magical Blogging Platform

Yes you read that correctly.  You can get paid to blog.

It’s a roundabout thing, though. I mean, no one is going to pay you for the actual words you write the way a newspaper columnist is paid for their articles.  I have known newspaper writers and they don’t really get paid all that well, unless maybe it’s a big column in a large paper.

Nope, what I mean is a little different, but at the core you are writing down your thoughts on many things and the end result is getting paid for your efforts, even if it’s not directly being paid for writing, per se.

Okay okay just hear me out.

This has been around for a few years but there are still legions of people who have no idea what it is, how to get it for themselves, or how to work it.

This isn’t a job, so don’t expect some paycheck from the moment you start.

It’s a business so it may take you some time, and how long is directly dependent on your effort and how well you work it, but the eventual payout can be a life changing income once your blog(s) get ranked and start pulling in lots of views from the search engines. (I can show you some of that and there are some of the products that can show you the rest)

You get a blog just like this one that you are reading.

You learn how to find out what real people out there in “Internet Land” are searching for. (easy)

You get ideas (it’s built in, which makes this blog special compared to “dumb blog platforms”)

You write about these things in a blog post just like this one. (you get some benefits of my knowledge as well as the products)

Then things like some time and SEO (search engine optimization) take over.

You keep writing.

Yes, post after post, article after article.

Your object is to FILL your blog with relevant content around whatever subject matter, or niche, that you wish to make your blog about.  You can choose a very specific niche or a wider one, but it’s still a sort of niche.  I recommend taking very distant niches and making separate blogs about them rather than sticking them in the same blog.  It’s true that you have the “Category” mechanism to classify posts, but I wouldn’t mix articles about “hot peppers” and “home business” in the same blog.  There are reasons for that although there is nothing preventing you from doing it.  Then again, I know what I am writing about here so you should listen to me on that.

The great thing about this AWESOME blogging platform is that you get to have multiple blogs for the same price.

Okay so you do your research, you write great content that is engaging and pulls people in.  The blog gets filled a little more, then a little more, on a daily basis.  You blog until your fingers bleed. (I have a flair for the dramatic)


Your blog turns into a great content farm and as a result Google starts ranking your articles (posts) for a wide variety of “keyword phrases”, both broad keywords but also more specific smaller “long tail keywords” that many people will be pulled to your blog when they perform internet searches.  The great thing about these long tail keywords is that they are easier to rank for in Google and other search engines.  For example, a b road keyword like “money” might take an unbelievable amount of authority to rank on first page Google, but a long tail like “how to write blog posts about money” might only get a few searches per month, but you might be ranked first page for that, but the great thing is that you might end up being ranked for LOTS of these so that your TOTAL search volume that you start pulling people in for can end up being hundreds of people per day, over some time, so that you get paid to blog about things that interest you.

Your blog is monetized with a very lucrative affiliate offer that pays very nice commissions, not the pennies that something like Blogger’s Adsense pays, so that you actually have a change to earn some real money from your blogging.

get paid to blog

Of course you have to work it like you work anything, but why not take a hobby and turn it into a nice side and eventually a full time income?  The potential is certainly there.  The blogging system does cost a monthly fee, but consider that a business or working expense.  Do you know what it costs to go into business for yourself and the kind of huge investment that that might entail, before you start complaining about the tiny fees that I am talking about to get into this blogging system?

The smart people will understand.

The freebie seekers who will NEVER amount to anything will keep moving, looking for the next magic pill.

That’s the way I want it, folks, because I ONLY want motivated and SMART people to link up with me in the great blogging experiment.

Just look at this blog.  It’s going to get large and better over time, especially as more themes and customizations come out.

This is a custom blogging solution built on WordPress, but loaded with extra gadgets and plugins that you can’t find in a regular WordPress install.


It’s got this thing I call an “idea engine” that helps you get over writer’s block.  It also has a nifty list of “Calls to Action” to get your visitors into that frame of mind to make the right choices.

You have no idea what you’ve stumbled upon, but if you want to be a part of the next great Internet thing, all while building a second income that has the potential to retire you well before retirement age, then get one of your own and start blogging your butt off NOW.

So yes, you can actually get paid to blog using this system.  This is actually one of my first posts.  I have other blogs with lots of content, but here with this one I am starting from scratch.  I have to fill this one up as well as keep my other blogs fresh with new content, so I have my work cut out for me.

Let me tell you something further about this get paid to blog thing… You get really good at just being able to write and write around your chosen keywords since practice does really make perfect in this game.  When I started I faced that empty page, but now I look at the empty page and just laugh because I can just write the way a beverage comes out of the tap.  It’s like this thing I can turn on and off at will.  That is what blog training and confidence does for you, so don’t sweat it.

I can help you get paid to blog along the way, but once you’re in this system the system will train you and help you along the way.  You can also get fast start and blog training so it really is easy for any reasonably literate person to hit the ground running and create a blog that will eventuality set them free and set up the conditions so that they can get paid to blog while their friends are still writing that hobby blogging that makes no money at all.  Who needs broke hobby blogging when you can end up with lots of commissions for doing essentially the same thing?

You can blog about any subject.  It does’t have to be about making money or business opportunities either.  It can be about ANY subject that gets a decent amount of internet traffic, since MOST people need more money, the advertising on the blog will do the work for you while you blog about what you want.

So look around this blog to learn more but remember, you can get paid to blog and when you grasp that concept your life will become infinity easier.



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