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Futurenet Review – Is Futurenet the Future of Social Networking?


Futurenet is a new social network that is going to meld social networking Facebook style with advertising revenue sharing (revshare) with the users.

This concept had really taken off in the regular ad revshare world, and it’s a natural evolution to combine it with social networking.

They even have a mobile app!

It’s a lot like Facebook with a very similar interface, so using it will come naturally for most.

It’s free to join too.

Come join me on Futurenet because I’m with a larger team who is poised to leverage this platform in ways most people only dream of.

All you need to do is join for free then get others to join and then USE IT.

It’s that simple.

The best thing is that you use it like any other social media network, but your referrals can become your downline and you can get paid on their purchases and their activity. You also get a little something just for logging in.

It really is a brilliant spin on social media, and should be a part of your online promotional and branding arsenal.

I always say leave no stone unturned, and they should find you no matter which one they move aside, so you might want to get in this one before everyone beats you to it.

You can choose to upgrade to a premium account at various levels for other benefits.

There is an extensive Futurenet marketing plan PDF for you to see right here.

Some of the topics are social media bonus, multimedia bonus, sales bonus, advertising sales bonus, premium member and business member matrixes, to name some notable topics in the PDF.

Here is a summary of the Futurenet social media bonus.


Here is a video I posted on my Futurenet page. (this is a screenshot so don’t click play it won’t work)


future ad pro video

Video posted to my Futurenet page (wall)

So you see? It’s like Facebook but a little different.

Get on here. What are you waiting for?

Then there is the advertising revshare called Future Ad Pro.

You can see some of those backoffice screens here:

future ad pro dashboard

…and here are the ad packs and levels…

future ad pro levels

Future Ad Pro Levels


It ALWAYS pays to diversify, so if you are a Trafficmonsoon or other revshare participant, you should really consider getting into FutureAdPro here.

If you want to see a fully decked out sales funnel featuring Future Ad Pro as a component (Futurenet’s Revshare Ad Platform), look here.



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