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Free Lead System vs Lead Lightning Review – Only What Matters

free lead system lead lightning review

Free Lead System

Many people out there wonder about what is the deal between the two lower tier products by the Power Lead System.  These two products are the free lead system and lead lightning.

The Free Lead System is an ingenious free system that is given out and recipients can use it for free as long as they want. It promotes the Free Lead System as well as another business of the recipient’s choosing. They simply put their affiliate link or network marketing link into it and the people they give it away to are exposed to the free lead system and the other link. It’s embedded into the followup email series. Recipients get every other lead placed into their contact list.

Why every other lead?

Well, it’s good for your sponsor and it’s good for you.

Why is it good for you?

If you actually promote the system out there far and wide, you are bound to find people who will also promote it well, and the more they promote it then YOU get every other of their leads. Now, multiply that by the large number of people who you promote it to. You can end up with so many leads that you could have never gotten on your own. It’s well worth the “price” of giving up every other of your first line leads.

Another great thing is that you get to promote the free lead system as the lead magnet to your regular offer, and you do it with a lead capture page that actually looks good. (unlike sending them to a network marketing replicated website or some raw affiliate link where you get to keep zero leads and don’t even have a contact list)

So I think that when you think about it, we can agree that the Free Lead System is a GREAT DEAL.

You’re welcome.

Lead Lighting

Lead Lightning is a step above the Free Lead System. When people look for a Free Lead System vs Lead Lighting review, they  want to know what each has to offer, and the major differences.

The Lead Lightning marketing funnel is simple but slick.

Lead Lightning has a minor cost, which is $7 one time. It’s not a monthly fee. It’s one time. Another great thing is that when you have Lead Lightning you get to get the commissions when others buy it. The Lead Lightning compensation plan you ask? The commission is $6. Holy Moly that is unreal! You get, like, 99% of the fee.

You promote Lead Lighting by itself or you can plug your other offer in as you did with Free Lead System, and promote that. This way you promote Lead Lightning as a great lead system where you keep ALL of your leads AND you get a commission of $6 on each one that someone buys from you, AND you get to promote another business alongside it, using a great lead capture page and you get those leads placed into a contact manager for you. For $7 one time.

Again, you’re welcome.

So there you have the major differences.

If you want to see the back offices of both system, then check out this video I made, where I verbally explain them and then show you the screen presentations. One word, in the first screen presentation my third party link wouldn’t work, and I was a bit befuddled as to why, but figured out right away that it was the Chrome browser on Mac that was the issue, since I run with many tabs open. Later I tried the links in Safari and they worked fine, which I showed in a quick follow-up at the end. Something like that ALWAYS happens when you’re doing something “on camera”.


So there you have it.

You need one of these systems and I hope that you realize why after reading through my Free Lead System vs Lead Lightning Review which I have gone great lengths to show you that it’s not smoke and mirrors and you really are getting GREAT VALUE for free or very little, with a lot to gain.

If you’re in the affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, real estate, or other salesy related industry, then this system could be the game changer that you have been searching for.

How easy is it to share out a system with the links and get leads and build a team?

Too easy.

Each system, both the Free Lead System and Lead Lightning, have included video training and FAQ that will show you what to do, and also there is a secret FaceBook group that you will be invited to join from within the system, so look for the link.

The back office for each system is pretty easy to operate, and make sure that you change your ID and password from the generic ones that the system sets you up with when your account is created.

Whether you choose the Free Lead System to start off with, or go straight to Lead Lightning, you can’t go wrong with either.

If you are more advanced and have a monthly budget, I strongly recommend the full blown Power Lead System (which now includes the WordPress based Power Blog System), then see that link for my Power Lead System review, but if you are on a budget, either of the first two will get you going real nice.


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