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Ditching the Network Marketing Dinosaur Strategies

network marketing dinosaur

Network Marketing Dinosaur Tactics?  What’s that?

What is a network marketing dinosaur tactic, or strategy?

It’s, quite simply, doing things that they told you to do way back in the day, when people didn’t screen calls, actually answered phones, and kept appointments.

It’s a new day.

I was long ago “infected”, from my very first network marketing meeting, with the idea that you could make money outside of the regular job thing, and I’ve never given up on those hopes and dreams.

The good news is that it frees you from having to go out and meet all of these people face to face. If anything hasn’t changed about the network marketing game, it’s that it is still a massive numbers game.

Let’s face it, you have to sell or sell and recruit as many people as possible, and get doing the same.

You need to become a top producer in your business, but it’s a lot harder than they told you, right?

If you don’t do that, then you won’t make anything.


It’s such a simple concept and strategy yet so hard for many to accomplish since not everyone is a sales person.

Not everyone is a charismatic motivator.

Not everyone wants to prospect their family and friends.

That’s just life. Some are born with the gift of gab and the ability to grab attention and rivet people, and some just put them to sleep when they open their mouth.

Some people are actually turned on by running those cheesy hotel group presentations.

The internet is the best way to accomplish this nowadays, and there are several tools at your disposal.



Blogging is one of the best ways to beat the network marketing dinosaur blues because it allows you to create content that sits out there like a billboard and gets indexed by Google. People searching for these topics get sent there by the search engines once it ranks for pertinent keywords. Once others take notice and link back to it or other popularity moves, it ranks even better, pulling in more and more eyeballs to what the author wants them to see and hopefully on to the offer.

This turns warm search traffic into leads and many of them into sales and hopefully team members.

It’s a powerful medium and if you ignore it then you do so at your own risk and peril.

I’m serious here.

Serious as you can imagine, I am.

Who wouldn’t want keyword rich search sucking lead magnets out there in the 24/7 internet land?

I mean, you’d have to be mentally deficient to not realize the raw immense power here.

Blogging is making many people quietly rich.

There are people out there with all kinds of affiliate and advertising blogs that are pulling in multiple 6 figure incomes, and some of them are six figures per MONTH.

Forget about what they pull in yearly.

Lots of people doing this.

Hey, your neighbor over there who never goes to work and sits out by the pool all day in the slippers and bathrobe… you know the one, the one with the laptop on the table.

yeah, him… and her… THEM.

Get with the program and blog.


Video Marketing

Yeah. Video. It works.

Well, the best way is to be helpful… with ANY of these mediums.

Sure, you can talk the talk like I am doing here, but at some point, provide some value.

Some of it is pure advertising, though.

If you can captivate people or entertain them while getting a nice subset to your page, blog, or lead capture page, then that is what you want. YouTube is the biggest thing out there, even getting bigger than Google search, in some ways.

If you can go viral then you have something there, but even a massive number of smaller videos that push people to your offers is great. Just beware of the flaggers. You have to learn how to be subtle because of the legions of anti business do gooders who like to work 9-5 and have no business sense. You know, the freebie people who think everything on the Net should be free and let’s just pretend that internet servers that run off of expensive hardware and wired connections, and electric, don’t cost money to operate. yeah, be careful of that group. They’ll flag your butt in a heartbeat.

Either way, video blogging and video marketing is intense.

If you can embed the video in some blog posts, all the better in creating a real powerful presentation platform that is like speaking to total strangers in their living rooms.

No appointment needed!

Did I mention that the Power Lead System has a full YouTube video marketing training built into the back office training site?

PLS makes mincemeat out of network marketing dinosaur tactics.


Think about that, you unlucky network marketeting dinosaur people.

How many people can you make appointments with and actually connect with in a week?

You can do that every few minutes on the internet, and you only have to actually DO IT once, when you create the materials.

The magic of blogs and videos repeat it ad nauseum so you don’t have to, and they do it across national boundaries, even when you’re sleeping or on vacation.

That’s powerful.

Most network marketer, today, are rubbing each others butts over social media like FaceBook and Instagram, among others. These can be lucrative outlets since so many people are out there, but what happens to many is that you eventually, just like in real life, run out of warm market and have to hit up strangers. Many times those strangers are just other marketers looking to connect with YOUR friends to further their own business, or sell and recruit YOU.

What that ends up being is like shouting into the wind.

Everyone trying to sell, and no one buying YOUR stuff, or joining YOUR team.

The best way out there is connecting with the interested parties through BLOGGING and VIDEO MARKETING, or a combination of the two.

There is no substitute for blogging because the written words work so well with the internet search that so many use to search for what they want.

People search for solutions out there.

If you can provide the solution to what pains them, then you have a customer or team mate for life.

If you can gain peoples’ trust.

Well, you’ve got gold there.

Remember when famous marketer Zig Ziglar said that if you can provide people with what they need, then you will always have what you need.

It’s true.

So, get blogging and get yourself a monetized blog in order to put all that rich content that you are going to create to work for you out on the information superhighway.

It’s a simple concept.

It takes some work and patience, but once it takes off, it’s the best insurance policy yo can have against job loss or being broke and angry all of the time.

Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness… didn’t have any money.

The options that open up once you separate cash flow from your physical effort is mind blowing.

Of course you have to work and set it up, but the internet and automated systems let you create content and then build on that until you are an authority that pulls in leads every day and night no matter what you are physically doing in the real world.

Get with the program.

Get with automated internet systems… and ditch the network marketing dinosaur stuff.

…or get left behind.

(Discuss below without dropping any affiliate links)

By the way…

Once you master the art of driving massive internet traffic to your business, you won’t eve have to worry about using outdated and inefficient network marketing dinosaur strategies for getting people to see your business online.

You can learn all about that here.

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  • lucie May 9, 2015, 6:37 pm

    I’m just getting started with video.Have hallenged myself to do one every day for the next month.

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