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Cheap Web Hosting That Delivers!

cheap web hosting

Cheap web hosting is not what it used to be. There are some large companies that have got the back end services and hardware that support many front facing businesses that rely on the same infrastructure, and they have that infrastructure running at top performance and very efficiently with minimal personnel to keep it running well, so that you get web hosting that is cheap but effective.

The world is going lean and mean, so if you are into cheap web hosting, cheap isn’t what it used to be as far as you would think of what cheap usually means.

Anyone can open a website these days for minimal outlay, and that has really changed the world.

It used to be that you needed a media presence and huge budget to produce a reasonably attractive website, but that is not the case anymore.

Everything these days is commoditized, which is why I got out of straight Information Technology. Cheap web hosting, expensive web hosting, any web hosting, is all run by IT people in the back server rooms, and these positions have come to a point where companies strip it down so that they only have the people that they need so that they can compete on price alone.

Now, price alone is not the way that the consumer of such services should go about getting these services.

What I mean here is that while the web hosting service companies want to be able to compete with their competition, some are good and some are not so good, and you should choose the ones with the right stuff, the right mix, of price to performance for your websites.

Cheap web hosting used to be thought of as some garage operation that could go dead in a thunderstorm, but thankfully that is NOT what we are talking about here.

Here we are talking about fantastic uptime, SSL, free domain name, CPANEL and SSH access, just to name a few features, and all for, almost free.

Check it out:

cheap web hosting

So you see here that this can only be provided by a real company with a real heavy duty infrastructure, and at this size and scale it’s easy to do since these web hosting accounts are being hosted in shared servers where they manage to place many accounts on each server, but your website won’t feel it since this stuff is managed in a way that they can do it and it just works for the customer.

So, when we get to talk more about cheap web hosting, we can THEN focus on what you REALLY need when you are looking for this service.

We know that YOU shouldn’t have to worry about the back end technical stuff beyond installing, setting up, and certain WordPress maintenance topics that any webmaster need to worry about to secure their site from malware and such.

I am going to have a post about that soon enough to help out other bloggers, but for now we have to get set up with an account.

You do it this way, and it’s, like, so easy my old aunt Mary could do it.

  1. You order the account. (you get your internet domain at the same time)
  2. You log in to your new CPANEL account.
  3. You set up WordPress with  the one click install.
  4. You then do some configuring things like choosing a theme, a blog title, and the interest niche that your blog will cater to.
  5. Then you figure out what to write about and how to write it based on what other people are searching for online, and then you write and publish it.
  6. Somewhere in the above you might want to add some photos, and that is easy enough to learn how to do. See the graphics on my blog? I create them in a variety of ways, and I also take other photos around the internet and change them, collage them, and do all sorts of things to make them unique to my site.

So there you have it, it’s EASY, and you can do all of this with a world class company and back end infrastructure, and all of that adds up to cheap web hosting, believe it or not.

This stuff really delivers if you just step out of the way and let it.

Just remember that cheap web hosting doesn’t have to be crap web hosting, as long as you go with a big reputable company that gets it and has 24/7 support to help you out when you need it.

Then it’s up to you to create your site and take it to new heights.

Are you up to it?


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