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Best Charities to Donate To

Many people wonder about the best charities to donate to, and it can be quite a daunting task since let’s face it, we all want our money to go to the people we are donating to, to the causes themselves, and not just to administrative costs and salaries of those employed.

There is something that you have to understand though.  Charity costs money.  Just collecting, storing, transporting, and spreading the charitable end services takes money, so don’t get so upset that not every dollar or currency unit that you donate doesn’t end up in some poor soul’s stomach.  Just getting it to them is a costly process, and many people forget that all too easily.

If you want to mitigate this, then donate to local charities that don’t have to send goods and services a world away.  They say that charity begins at home, and even the richest countries have many people and places that need these charitable donations.  Maybe they are right in your community!

There are two external articles that I am going to link out to for the actual data lists.  They will open a new window or browser tab, so I hope that you popup blocker does’t interfere.

I have much more to say around this subject but I wanted to hand you the actual data based lists that have been compiled by two organizations.  One is a short list, and the other is quite longer.  The long list deals with American charities and is compiled by the CS Monitor, which is a top flight news organization and very respected.

Spread your charitable donations all over and through the year, and don’t let #GivingTuesday be the only day that you give yearly.  I include that link because I never heard of it until recently and it’s a great idea to have around the Holidays, with all of the focus on getting the best deal for our regular gift buying, it’s nice to remember to set something aside for charitable purposes.  Charity needs to be spread throughout the year, however, so let’s please not forget that.

Okay so let’s talk about money a bit.  It’s hard to talk about charity without talking about money, since giving to charity usually involves a gift of money.

Some people are happy with taking a portion of whatever they make and gifting that to charity.

That’s fine.  It’s great.  Keep doing that.

Some, however, are not satisfied with that.

They want to give more.

To give more they have to bring in more.

Creating more abundance in your life is not always motivated by wanting more stuff.  Some people want more income so that they have more to give.

Yeah, it’s true.  We’re not used to hearing that, and maybe many of you reading this didn’t know it.

I’m here to just put a little voice in your ear, like a little birdie, to say that the best charities to donate to could sure use a legion of givers out there who were creating more wealth so that more can be directed to the charities that can do the most good for our fellow humans and animals in need.

Use the Internet!  Start buying and selling goods online.  Auction things on Ebay.  Hand craft goods and sell them on Etsy.  Run an Amazon store front for charity!

Yes, you can do this.  No one can tell you what to do with your income.  Business accounts for much charitable donating, and who says that only the big businesses doing it for PR and a tax write off have to be the only business people giving it away?  Don’t leave it to the uber rich like Bill Gates to be the only business people who are giving to charity.  You don’t have to be a billionaire to make a difference, and an army of business savvy givers can actually make a bigger difference than even a rich person like Bill Gates,

Think about it. Not only can we beat them in numbers, but we can raise more awareness and get more people interested in starting online businesses with the aim of generating charitable income destined for giving.

No one says that you have to give it all away.  You have to live too, but the more you make, the more you have to give.  That is a mathematical formula that works for everyone.

There are many people out there, good people, who are interested in business and making money.  They love what money can do, and they want to do good.  They want to love well, but they also want others to live well. Not all business and entrepreneurial minded people are out there just wanting to hoard their profits.  They’re not all greedy.  Money is NOT the root of all evil, as many good and religious people think.  If that were so, then why put such an evil thing into the collection plate every Sunday or holy day?  Money is abundance.  Money is freedom.

Money is the ability to make someone else’s future a little brighter.  Money is food, housing, education.

I hope that this resonates with you.

Find something that you can do to make more money.  Make LOTS of it.  Then donate some of that to the best charities to donate to.  That is how it should work.  That’s how it can work.

Okay so what can you do? Well, above I mentioned selling stuff on some sites.  You can also create content and earn affiliate commissions on a percentage of the affiliate sales that result from a certain percentage of website visitors clicking on and eventually buying from your affiliate links on your site.  That’s a good way.

It all revolves around selling something.  Sales is what ultimately makes money.  It’s the sale of goods and services that makes economies work, so find something that you are good at and start selling it.  You can be a part of the process and not the actual product creator or the salesperson to be very successful at that.

Look around and be creative.  The ways are plenty and the abundance is never ending.

The best charities to donate to need people out there who are motivated to generating large incomes so that they can all donate a portion of that on a regular basis.

Be one of those charitable giving entrepreneurs and get online today and make your mark.

Don’t rely on a slave wage job, because people who live paycheck to paycheck, no matter how pure of heart, can’t make nearly as much difference as those who learn and know how to generate lots of income with lots of leftover to give.

If you are of little means and give what you can, you are blessed and really awesome.  I don’t mean to offend or denigrate anyone here.  I’m just stating the fact and trying to motivate those who have the will and the desire to remember that if they plan to or are making great money online, to remember the best charities to donate to once they have that internet income rolling in consistently.

Please share this article out to generate awareness of this need.

I usually host my own videos when I link to them, so hopefully this one won’t come down anytime soon.

It’s the one where Art Carney plays the drunk Santa who has goodness in his heart and only wants to be Santa Claus at Christmastime.  He just wants to give.

If you can get that into your heart, and nurture it.  Never let it go.

Now go and create so that you can develop that into a dependable source that will enable you to give consistently without end.

I know what it’s like to see homeless and needy people every day, and you want to give to them, and you do, but you want to give more, but you can’t afford to because you have your own bills and needs at home.  It’s frustrating to want to give so much but you can’t afford to.

That is where the motivation for this comes from and since I am an online marketer and entrepreneur I wanted to write a bit about the need for more people to go into internet marketing and income creation so that more can be given to charity.  It’s a great way to help yourself and help you to help others.

Never forget the needy.

It’s but for the Grace of God that any one of us is not tomorrow in their place.


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