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Bag Some Bitcoin with Coinbase the Best Bitcoin Wallet

coinbase best bitcoin wallet

If you don’t know what bitcoin is then you’re living in an internet free bubble of sorts.

It’s a digital currency that has scarcity built in to simulate rare valuable assets like gold.

Central banks can’t just print more like they can with fiat paper currencies.

Most people want to know not only about bitcoin but about the best bitcoin wallet that they can use, and how to buy the stuff.

I only recommend the best stuff out there so if I am saying this is the wallet to use then you should at least check it out.  If you sign up through these links I’m sharing, you’ll get $10 in free bitcoin deposited into your new account. How cool is that?

So Which is the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

It seems everyone has an opinion but for 90% of the people out there, the place I’m recommending here is the best option to get into bitcoin saving.

There are wallets that sit on your hard drive or phone, and those that are on the internet.

If you are storing it yourself your device had better be secure and also be backed up. (I’m serious)

If you are using an online source, make sure that security is paramount with them. You need the best bitcoin wallet and the best are secure.

Anyway, more and more providers in the internet marketing industry are moving away from payment providers like Paypal due to violations of trust and disruptions to business.

In many cases, you have to use a 2nd tier payment processor or… Bitcoin is the new standard and if you are using the best bitcoin wallet then your experience will be the best too.

Many of these online service providers are now accepting bitcoin, and bitcoin is even preferred for buying precious metals bullion online, often customers being granted the cash price (or closer to it) if they pay in bitcoin. Bitcoin is everywhere, even in the online income producing industry.

Another neat little site that lets you earn free fractional bitcoin for clicking ads has shown up, and you can transfer your earnings to your Coinbase wallet.

How darn cool is that??

I had to use my Coinbase best bitcoin wallet to purchase from an online ad service recently, and after the small hassle of confirming my debit card, I was able to convert some funds into bitcoin for the transaction. There are fees, as with any money service, but that would be the same whether bitcoin or some other payment processor.

The experience for me, overall, was painless, and Coinbase is a good service to use. I recommend it.

They use 2 step verification which makes it very secure, (nothing’s perfect) using a combination of login password and sms text to phone for the 2 step part. The key is keeping your phone secure.

Another feature is cold storage, which lets you take your assets offline into their secure storage area. If you have sizeable holdings then consider that. Of course you could have Coinbase for convenience and a hardware based wallet for holding your larger amounts.

I also recommend getting the best bitcoin wallet for you so that you can take advantage of the overall upward trend of Bitcoin valuation. If you park money away little by litte into your bitcoin account, you can see a rise or fall of that value as bitcoin currency fluctuates, but the overall trend has been up.

Remember to pay attention to gains and losses for tax time. If you are in the US, the IRS is tuned into bitcoin market gains, so don’t try to cheat the government.

To pay with bitcoin, you merely send the amount over to the receiving party by sending to their unique address, and after a little bit when the transfer is validated, the transaction is complete and voila.

Isn’t it great being so modern and with it?

Don’t Miss the Boat by Not Having the Best Bitcoin Wallet

Many tech savvy business and investing mavens are now saying that anyone who misses the Bitcoin boat will forever be kicking themselves for not getting in when they could, which is now.

Sir Richard Branson is one of them, John Mcafee is another, and it seems that every other day another famous millionaire or billionaire is telling us that if we miss this then we a quite literally going to be left behind.

John Mcafee thinks that Bitcoin will be going to $500k per coin in a few years, while another Wall street Bear investor thinks it’s going to one million dollars per coin in a few years. That seems crazy, but you never know. Do you want to miss THAT boat by not getting in now and having some bitcoin in an account possibly waiting for that kind of growth potential?

Between having the ability to purchase things online with Bitcoin, to being able to accept payments in that currency, to having it as a store of value or even for future investment potential, it’s just plain short sighted to not open a free account with the best bitcoin wallet exchange that makes it so easy to convert local currency to bitcoin, or ether, or litecoin. These are other alternative cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin was the first and is the best known with the highest current valuation.

If you fund your account to a certain opening balance, you can earn $10 in free Bitcoin just for opening the account. I’d say that that is a great deal and much better than any checking account enticement from a regular bank.

I would MUCH rather be earning free Bitcoin. With the current price trend constantly going up, each $10 referral could be worth more as the Bitcoin price keeps rising overall.

Of course I am trying to make this make sense for people, but in the end I believe that in this life, that you are rewarded when you get others to embark on a journey that also sees them meet their dreams, so that it’s a mutually beneficial partnership to attain our mutual destinies.

The Best Bitcoin Wallet has all of these characteristics.

  1. Easy to sign up
  2. Easy to get confirmed
  3. Easy to secure the account from fraud
  4. Easy to transfer local currency to a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin
  5. Easy to move Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to offline cold storage for long term value hold
  6. Easy to send and receive Bitcoin and crypto payments to and from other online accounts
  7. Easy referral earnings in Bitcoin when others sign up from your recommendation

It’s a “win win” for everyone, which is why I love the best bitcoin wallet exchange the way that I do.

So, see for yourself what it’s all about.


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