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2 Efficient Tools For Bloggers – Keyword Research and Email Autoresponder


A keyword research tool and an email autoresponder are essential tools for any aspiring internet marketer or serious blogger.

Micro Niche Finder
If you want to find out what people are searching the internet for in order to write to those specific interests, then you need a tool that can do the job easily and doesn’t charge you a monthly fee to keep using it. I bought this one in 2009 and I paid once, way back then, still use it, and get free updates. What could be better than that?
Click Here to Learn More About Micro Niche Finder – MNF was great but the developer chose to discontinue it. The other weakness was that it was PC only, no Mac. I have since found a very worthy replacement.

Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool and keyword research software that you buy once, is frequently updated, and it runs on PC and Mac, since it’s written in a cross platform neutral framework.
It has all of the expected functionality for researching keywords and uncovering long tail keywords and search phrases that  real people are right now searching the internet for.  Also, it has other modules for related work, as well as Adwords and Adsense keyword value for those who want to monetize their sites with Google contextual ads that pay.
You can get it cheaper through my deal link, so make sure you use that instead of paying full sticker price like I did. (still worth it though!)

Try Market Samurai For Free!


If you are going to run a serious blog or have a serious internet presence, then you need an email autoresponder that can take email subscriptions and send out automated replies on your behalf, keeping your subscribers connected with your message.

Click Here to Learn More About Aweber


A Match Made in Heaven

Between keyword research, and autoresponder, and a top notch monetized blogging platform, you’re primed for success.
How important is this stuff?
There are so many novice bloggers online who have no idea what to blog about or how to do the most basic research and optimizations around that research in order to give their content a fighting chance to get ranked and get views.  Too many people start blogging and they have no idea about several important things. First is, they blog about silly or uninteresting topics that no one is going to care about.  Who wants to read about your breakfast, unless you had it with a celebrity or there is some other really interesting aspect to the story?  When I first came across the blog concept.  I didn’t get it.  I saw it purely as an online diary mechanism, and thought it was stupid because why put your diary online and who the heck would care to read it?  It’s the whole naming thing that got me.  Blog is short for Web log, and a log is like a diary or a listing of things that have happened to you lately.  Of course you could use a blog like that, but it would be purely for personal reasons.  Sometimes people set up a blog for distant family to connect and see what everyone is up to, but again, that is a small niche.
Blogs have evolved into what is just a dynamic website authoring tool, where anyone can have a professional looking dynamic site thanks to themes and fancy graphics that have an already great layout.  You jsut learn to work the pieces and add content.  No graphics art or designer background needed.
So… you need to know what people CARE about in order to write material that SOMEONE, and hopefully more than one someone, would care to read.  People search the internet for all manner of things, and if you have a tool to enable you to learn what they are searching for, then you have an advantage over those who are writing blindly.
Enter a keyword research tool.  While anyone can open a Google account and go to the Keyword Planner, that tool is clunky and has too much disorganized information to make it useful for most people.  You need a tool that pulls out the essential information and presents it in an easy to read manner so that you can get your research done quickly and move on to content creation.
Most keyword tools have moved onto the monthly subscription model.  Listen, if you are a serious blogger, you already have some monthly expenses, whether it’s from hosting your own blog, which means web hosting and domain fees, or using a paid blog system, email autoresponder, or something similar.  
Why pile on the fees?  
Buy it once and forget it.  
The updates are free.  
Like I said, I’ve been using Micro Niche Finder for years and I only paid ONCE. (Market Samurai is the same payment model) 
It’s a great tool that’s enabled me to rank on PAGE ONE for some terms and very well for others.  It also helps focus you for staying within your niche topic. (Market Samurai is pretty much the same)
Here is an older video about MNF:

Here is a newer video about Market Samurai, which works on Windows OR Mac:


The next greatest tool is an email autoresponder service.  Okay this is a monthly fee.  You need it, so aren’t you glad you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the keyword tool?  Okay, what is the autoresponder? It’s basically a place where you create email messages that get sent out to subscribers on a timed basis.  You set the frequency.  Someone joins your email list through a form or landing page (lead capture page) and they get a welcome message, then forwarded to the offer that they signed up to see, or the information they were told they would get.  They are on your email list until they unsubscribe.
Aweber is an autoresponder that is reasonably priced and pretty easy to use.  It is very popular so it interfaces well with many of the top internet marketing systems out there.  It also has a handy forms builder that lets you embed opt in forms into your lead capture pages or blog/web pages.  You can’t really go wrong with a system like Aweber.
If you want to compete with the other internet marketers and bloggers out there, you need the BASIC tools to get the job done.  You will be able to create content that people are looking for, tailor your web pages around it to pull in more internet traffic and then use the autoresponder to talk to your leads on your behalf.  You really can’t do anything in this sector without these tools so it’s better just to get them, learn how to use them (easy), and get started turning your operation into a profitable enterprise.
I had to find out this stuff on my own by reading so many different  sites and articles, and by just going to the school of hard knocks.  Here you are getting a simple explanation and being pointed to the best tools for the job.
Once you get that, get into your own viral blog that is monetized.  It also integrates well with the Aweber autoresponder.  Just check out the link below this article (the picture of the guy) to learn how to get your WordPress powered Power Blog from Power Lead System and get started creating that traffic pulling content.
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